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Java powers many of the popular features and functions you find on cell phones these days, from productivity software and news updates to mobile games and music on the go. Downloading Java applications need not be intimidating or difficult. There are many developers out there who create some fantastic cell phone software, and you can even get some great apps from your mobile service provider.

Download Some Fun and Functionality

Some Java applications available for download are listed below. Be sure to check the resolution of your cell phone against the resolution of the application to make sure they are compatible.

  • Bubble Breaker: A simple puzzle game involving the popping of multi-colored bubbles for a high score.
  • Opera Mini: A web browser designed for the smaller mobile environment of feature phones, geared more toward WAP and mobile-optimized websites.
  • Angry Birds: An alternative version of the popular physics-based casual game with an optimized resolution of 240 x 400 pixels.
  • Windows Media Player 11: Allowing the playback of a variety of media files in either a 240 x 320 or 320 x 240 sized cell phone display.
  • Abiro Jitter: A streamlined Twitter client with the ability to see timelines, read direct messages, and send out simple 140 character tweets.
  • Mig33: An instant messenger client that supports such protocols as Yahoo and Windows Live. It can also be used to make international calls and text messages.
  • Litefeeds: An RSS reader for cell phones, though it requires a specific Litefeeds account in order of it to work.'
  • iUnit Converter: A simple measurement conversion utility.
  • Wapfrog Blackjack: The classic casino card game complete with doubling down and a virtual bankroll.
  • Hangman touch: An incredibly simplified version of the word game with minimalist graphics.

Can Java Run on Smartphones?

In order for Java-based programs to work on a compatible cell phone, the cell phone must first be equipped with the suitable software to "understand" the code for these programs. By and large, most feature phones are equipped with this functionality, but not all smartphones have it.

The version of Java running on mobile devices is generally known as Java Platform, Micro Edition (or Java ME for short). The platform was previously known as J2ME, or Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition. The Micro Edition is a slimmed down version of the full desktop Java client and it can run Java files (.JAR or .JAD). Java is generally not used in today's newest smartphone platforms (like iPhone or BlackBerry QNX), but it is still used widely on feature phones like Nokia's S40 series.

In this way, it may be possible to run Java applications on modern smartphones, but you must first install some version of the Java runtime environment in order to do that. This may involve "jailbreaking" your iPhone or "rooting" your Android device. This may void your warranty and, considering that most modern smartphones already have access to robust app stores, the need for Java apps on these devices is significantly diminished.

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