Download Free Sidekick Ringtones

Download Free Sidekick Ringtones

Even though many people are getting excited about Google Android or a new BlackBerry, several others are still just as interested as ever to download free Sidekick ringtones. The Sidekick line of devices is widely recognized as a "hip" alternative smartphone-like handheld for a more youthful demographic.

Ringtones for T-Mobile Sidekick Phones

The vast majority of Sidekick devices available in the United States are the result of a three-way partnership between Sharp, T-Mobile, and Microsoft. That's because Sharp manufactures much of the hardware for the Sidekick handhelds, T-Mobile is the only one in the United States to sell the devices, and the operating system comes from Danger, which is now owned by Microsoft. There is at least one Sidekick that is made by Motorola, however.

The Issue with T-Mobile USA

Despite clearly targeting teens and other younger users, it is interesting that most of the phones from the T-Mobile Sidekick line cannot support third-party ringtones. This is not because the phones lack the hardware capability; it is because T-Mobile has blocked the ability to use third-party content like ringtones and wallpapers. This is the same scenario that users may encounter with TracFone ringtones and certain Verizon devices.

If you own a T-Mobile Sidekick 3, for example, the only place where you can download free Sidekick ringtones is from the official T-Mobile catalog for the Sidekick. Any other websites or sources of ringtones will not work with the Sidekick 3. This is for the United States. Other carriers around the world may differ.

One Saving Grace

The one major exception to this is the Sidekick LX 2009. It is the only Sidekick available from T-Mobile USA that is capable of using third-party ringtones, so it will function much like other smartphones and feature phones in this respect.

Where to Download Free Sidekick Ringtones

Since the Sidekick LX 2009 can work like most other phones that are capable of using third-party ringtones, you should be able to use downloaded ringtones from a wide range of sources on this particular handheld. Even so, you may run into some compatibility issues upon occasion.

With that in mind, sometimes it is best to stick with sources that cater specifically to the T-Mobile Sidekick. Whereas there are many websites that cater to the BlackBerry or the Apple iPhone, there are not nearly as many for the Sidekick.

Perhaps the single best source of Sidekick ringtones is the appropriately named In other words, this site can be known as SK ringers (as in SideKick ringers). From this website, you can view some of the most recent updates on the front page.

Looking to the right sidebar, you can see where you can download free Sidekick ringtones from a range of different categories and genres. Ringers on include hip hop, country, animal sound effects, movie quotes, video games, and even personal requests. All ringtones can be previewed on the site before being downloaded.

How to Transfer Ringers

Most users may be inclined to use the data cable method to download free Sidekick ringtones to their chosen devices, but there is an easier way to transfer files to your Sidekick device.

The single easiest way, particularly for the Sidekick LX 2009, is to send the ringtone MP3 file via e-mail. When you receive the e-mail message on your phone, you will see an additional button next to the attachment that allows you to add the ringtone. These ringtones can then be found in the "Imported" category on your device.

Alternatively, you can email the ringtone file to a friend's phone and have them send it back to you as an MMS. This is if you do not have a suitable data plan on your Sidekick but you are configured to accept MMS messages.

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Download Free Sidekick Ringtones