Download Free Funny mp3 Ringtones

Download Free Funny mp3 Ringtones

If you're looking for something a little different from the typical beeps and rings on most people's phones, you can download free funny mp3 ringtones to get a giggle from your friends and the strangers lucky enough to be around you when your phone rings.

About Funny mp3 Ringtones

You can download free funny mp3 ringtones in a number of categories:

  • Laughing
  • Baby talk
  • Crazy
  • Movie or TV show references
  • Animals talking or laughing
  • Funny melodies
  • Stating the obvious, such as, "I got a text" or, "It's your mother"
  • Funny, absurd sounds
  • Imitations (a man imitating a car, for example)
  • Strange voices

Find and Download Free Funny mp3 Ringtones

Where can you find these great ringers for free? Listed below are a few sites to get you started.

  • Audio 4 Fun: Here, you'll find a list of funny ringtones broken down by category (for example, some are marked Crazy, Laugh, Funny, Baby, and so on), then you'll be greeted by a list of download options. The list tells you what the clip is, how many people have downloaded it, and when it was created. Be aware that you will have to navigate through a sea of ads on this site, but scrolling almost all the way to the bottom of the page will usually yield the results you're looking for. You'll also have the option of becoming a community member on the site. Everything is free there and you'll have the ability to upload your own funny ringtones if you make them.
  • Mobiles 24: You can find a list of the funny ringtones available and see their ratings. Since the ringtone creator's username is listed with the ringtone, it's easy to skim for your favorites if you find someone whose humor matches your own. There are pages and pages of funny ringtones listed here, and many of them are movie or television show references, such as quotes from South Park. Some of these aren't simply funny; many of them lean toward funny-yet-slightly-offensive and they aren't broken down by category. If one catches your eye, be sure to preview it thoroughly before you go out in public and someone calls your phone. Luckily, it's very easy to preview it; there is a play button right beside the ringtone on the list.
  • Mobile 9 may not have the largest selection out there, but you can still find pages and pages of funny ringtones there. There is quite an assortment of different types of humor, so there's something there for everyone. You can easily preview each choice by clicking on the thumbnail and then clicking on the black box at the top of the page. It says Click to Play so you can't miss it.
  • LDM Studio is another site with a wide variety of funny mp3 ringtones. You can find over 50 pages of ringtones and message alerts designed with getting a laugh out of you and those around you in mind.

A Final Word

Sometimes it seems easier to find and download free funny mp3 ringtones than traditional popular songs. That makes it easy to add a funny sound or ditty for various numbers on your list, texts, voicemail messages, and more. Lighten your mood instantly when someone calls by adding something guffaw-worthy as your default ringtone (there's one reason to hate it a little less when your number leaks to a telemarketer).

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Download Free Funny mp3 Ringtones