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T Mobile's G1 (and the cool G1 apps that it offers) is one of the hottest new tools and toys to come along in ages. You can tap, touch, and swipe your way across the screens, through games, weather, and weirdness with minimal effort required.

Installation of your new apps is generally a breeze. You can find complete instructions on the installation of G1 applications on Youtube in an easy-to-watch video.

On the list of "Must Have" apps for the G1 are some great games, awesome productivity tools, and just fun little widgets that everyone should download.

Here are the top ten "must have" G1 apps, as well as some "should get this" cool G1 apps that every user should know about.

Top Ten Must Have Cool G1 Apps

  • Any Cut: This little beauty of an application offers you the means to create different shortcuts on your screen for your favorite webpages, programs, or activities.
  • Visual Voice Mail: This free app from Phone Fusion permits you to see your voicemails and play them from your phone rather than dialing in to get your voicemail.
  • SMS Popup: Much like the iPhone, this free G1 app will lets your SMS or MMS pop up on screen as you get them.
  • Luk Luk: Another freebie, this video player application beats the default hands down. You are able to download full versions of movies and television shows, playing them from your memory card.
  • Ringdroid: Another in a long list of free cool G1 apps, you can make your own ringtones from favorite music and use them on your phone.
  • Toggle Settings Cupcake: This one is the absolute ultimate application to let you toggle all of your G1 settings. You can set things like your ringer mode, your auto sync, the various menus, along with GPS and even the brightness of your screen. It also features battery profiles for you to use. You have the option to keep the settings cupcake in the notification area so that you can access it easily.
  • Note Everything: A notepad is an outstanding application for everyone.On Note Everything, you can organize your notes into folders and create shortcuts to them. Creation of text, voice, and paint notes are easy as pie.
  • Backup Pro: For $5 US, you can back up your entire phone settings. Make it a point to have a backup of your home screen, your icons, your ring tone and your messages. Fast and easy to use, the entire phone can be restored after a wipe or an exchange of devices.
  • Voice Recorder: Here is a free application that lets you use your G1 as a voice recording device and also permits you to record and save phone calls (check the legality of this in your area).
  • Close Everything 2: Many people have had an app that seems to just not shut down and endlessly hangs to drain your battery. Close Everything is a free app that will shut them all down at one time to leave you free to begin with a fresh start.

Popular G1 Apps

  • Ebuddy: This free multi-protocol instant messaging client is a fairly smooth run and gives you the ability to log into a wide array of instant messenger systems all at one time, including Yahoo, AIM, MSN, GTalk and even Facebook Chat.
  • Pkt Auctions eBay: A free and unique application for eBay, this app permits you to purchase items from eBay as well as to use all of the eBay services from your phone.
  • Picsay: A free editing application for photos on your G1, it tends to be one of the best received free photo editors.
  • Twidroid: This is a full service free application that permits you to use Twitter from your G1.
  • Backgrounds: Here is a free application that permits you to find and download free backgrounds for your G1. It is very easy to use and very simple to install. It makes the process of exchanging your backgrounds effortless.

It's just not a difficult process to find free or low cost cool G1 apps. On top of all that Google has to offer you, thousands of free cool G1 apps make it something you just don't want to live without. The G1 has become nearly everyone's favorite new toy.

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