Cingular Cellular Plans

Cingular Cellular Calling Plans

People who were once interested in Cingular cellular plans will now need to turn their attention to AT&T plans instead. It's still basically the same cell phone provider in the United States, but the rebranding process is basically complete. Expect many plans to come with free or deeply-discounted phones as well. They are a highly recommended all-purpose carrier well-suited for most cell phone customers.

As always, the following information is subject to change and all plans may not be available in all areas of the United States. Always double-check with AT&T before activating your contract.

Cingular Cellular Plans for Individuals

Many of the most familiar Cingular cellular plans made the transition to AT&T. The following cellular plans are for individuals and covers just one line. With all plans, you never pay domestic long distance or roaming charges, and most come with unlimited night/weekend minutes. Be sure to check AT&T's website to make sure your favorite plan is available in your area.

Plan Name Anytime Minutes Weekend Minutes Price per Month
Nation 450 450 5000 $39.99
Nation 900 900 Unlimited $59.99
Nation Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $69.99

In addition in the Nation plans, AT&T also offers cellular plans that include minutes for calling to Canada. This does not include calling from Canada, however, as roaming charges are on top.

Plan Name Anytime Minutes Weekend Minutes Price per Month
Nation with Canada 450 450 1000 $59.99
Nation with Canada 900 900 1000 $79.99
Nation with Canada 1350 1350 1000 $99.99
Nation with Canada 2000 2000 1000 $119.99
Nation with Canada 4000 4000 1000 $169.99
Nation with Canada 6000 6000 1000 $219.99

All Nation with Canada AT&T plans include rollover and unlimited mobile to mobile in the United States.

AT&T Family Cellular Plans

Just as the Cingular cellular plans for individuals made the transition to AT&T, the same can largely be said about the family cell phone plans as well. With these plans, subscribers can shared minutes for all lines on an account. Rollover minutes are also shared. The listed price includes two lines and you can add up to three more for $9.99 (each) a month. Just like the individual plans, roaming and domestic long distance charges are included.

Plan Name Anytime Minutes Weekend Minutes Price per Month
Nation 550 FamilyTalk 550 Unlimited $59.99
Nation 700 FamilyTalk 700 Unlimited $69.99
Nation 1400 FamilyTalk 1400 Unlimited $89.99
Nation 2100 FamilyTalk 2100 Unlimited $109.99
Nation Unlimited FamilyTalk Unlimited Unlimited $119.99

Prepaid Plans from AT&T

Although not nearly as robust (or convenient) as the competition, AT&T offers a few Pay As You Go plans for anyone looking to avoid lengthy contracts and hidden fees. Pay for the minutes you use and not a cent more! These GoPhone plans follow the philosophy started with the Cingular cellular plans that preceded them.

Plan Name Standard Airtime Rates Daily Access Charge Mobile to Mobile Minutes Nationwide Long Distance
$3 Unlimited Calling Plan $0.00 per minute $3.00 on days you use the phone Unlimited Included
$1 Mobile to Mobile Plan $0.10 per minute $1.00 on days you use the phone Unlimited Included
$0.25 Simple Plan $0.25 per minute N/A $0.25 per minute Included

In addition to Pay As You Go, AT&T also has "Pick Your Plan" where you prepay once a month for a reduced rate.

Other AT&T Plans

In addition to the above plans, AT&T also offers a number of multimedia and text message (SMS) packages that can be purchased in addition to calling plans. There are also data plans that allow you to access your e-mail and the internet with the proper cell phone.

To find out more about AT&T's cell phone plans, see their online store.

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