Choosing a Pink Cellular Phone

Choosing a Pink Cellular Phone

Choosing a pink cellular phone may not be the most important decision in your life, but it's got to rank pretty high up there. After all, cell phones serve just as much as a fashion accessory as they do as mobile communication devices. As such, you want a cell phone that not only keeps you connected, but actually looks good. One way that many women have decided to express their femininity and let their personality come shining through is with a pink cell phone. But which one should you get?

Choosing a Pink Cellular Phone

Probably the most popular pink cellular phone out there is the Motorola RAZR. In fact, you can probably find a unique pink slim flip phone with just about every service provider out there, from T-Mobile to Telus Mobility. What's interesting, though, is that each of these rose-colored handsets is a slightly different shade. Some are softer, others are "hotter", others still look more like magenta than pink. The color that you choose should reflect your personality.

But what other pink cell phones out there? After all, the RAZR isn't the be-all and end-all of mobile phones.

Think Pink

Beyond the Motorola Pink RAZR V3, there are many other rosy options. Here is but a small sample of what you can get your hands on:

  • Want to stick with Motorola, but not a fan of flip phones? Check out the pink SLVR L6. A "bar" style phone, the SLVR is just 10.22 millimeters thick. According to Motorola, the pink SLVR is "perfect for girls who like to be out and about."
  • Heading on over to the T-Mobile camp, you'll find at least two pink cellular phones. The pink LG C3300 and Nokia 6111 are pretty fashionable and just scream out how chic they are. Lovely.
  • Want a tinge of pink without going over the top? Gresso hits up the high end of the market with a minimalist handset coated in 18 karat pink gold. As such, it most certainly won't come cheap.

Finding a Pink Cell Phone Cover

As an alternative to buying a pink cell phone outright, you can usually replace the faceplate on your handset. Covers are more readily available for certain models over others, but you can always check out Cell Phone Accessories stores to browser their current collection.

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Choosing a Pink Cellular Phone