Cell Phone Vibrating Battery

Cell Phone Vibrating Battery

A cell phone vibrating battery comes with pros and cons. There is the obvious benefit of knowing when someone is calling or texting you without letting everyone else know, but did you know that the vibrate option will also drain your battery more quickly? Rest assured, though, that if you have to use the vibrate option frequently, you can still buy a replacement vibrating battery if you need one before you're ready to upgrade your phone. (It's especially easy to find replacements for Nokia phones!).

About Vibrating Batteries

Cell phone vibrating batteries are not used in all handsets with a vibrate option. They're most commonly found in older Nokia models, such as those from the 5100 and 6100 series. Most other cell phones have a motor attached to a weight. The motor spins, and the weight causes the whole thing to vibrate.

The Negative about Vibrating Batteries

Using the vibrating option on your phone will make the battery need to be recharged sooner than if you stick to a ringtone exclusively. Try to keep the phone on vibrate mode as infrequently as possible to preserve your battery life and go longer between charging sessions.

Vibrating batteries are perfect for situations where you want to be alerted of an important phone call you've been waiting for without alerting everyone else to the fact that someone is calling you. The vibrate setting does have its place in phone technology and everyday life, but just keep in mind the downfall to using it all the time.

Balancing Act

If you find that you need to use your cell phone battery's vibrate option often, there are other ways to preserve battery life, such as:

  • Avoiding animated screensavers
  • Turning your phone off while you travel through areas where your phone has to really search for a signal

Cell Phone Vibrating Battery Replacements

Any cell phone battery will die eventually, so your cell phone vibrating battery is no exception, especially if you're buying a used cell phone with its original battery. If your battery seems to lose its charge more and more quickly and you find yourself needing to charge it up frequently, it may be time to replace it. Even if you feel that it's not time to replace it just yet, it wouldn't hurt to have one on hand in case your battery decides to die at an inconvenient time.

To find your cell phone vibrating battery of choice, the easiest method may be to go to a store that sells your phone to inquire about whether they have the battery you need. However, that is not always the least expensive choice, so if you're comfortable shopping online, there are a few places to check:

  • Apex Battery: If you do a search here for "vibrating battery" you'll find one that works with the Nokia 5160, 5165, 5170, 5180, 5185, 5190, 6110, 6120, 6160, 6161, 6162, 6185, 6190, and 6210. It's a rechargeable lithium ion battery.
  • Cell Phone Accessories: This site has a vibrating battery that works with the Nokia 3285 as well as the 5100 and 6100 series.
  • The Nerds: Here you'll find the rechargeable lithium ion slim cell phone battery that works with the Nokia 5100 and 6100 series.

Not all vibrating cell phone batteries are readily available online, so you may have to do some serious sleuthing to find the one you need. If all else fails, though, fall back on your cell phone service provider's stores.

A Final Word

Cell phone batteries that vibrate have their definite perks. You can leave your ringer off but still know when someone is trying to reach you. They're rechargeable. Even though they're rechargeable, however, they still will die at some point. The plus side there is that you can buy replacement batteries that vibrate too. The only negative is the likelihood of your battery dying sooner because of the use of the vibrate function.

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Cell Phone Vibrating Battery