Cell Phone Music Video Downloads

Cell Phone Music Video Downloads

When simple music's not enough, you can get cell phone music video downloads to get your fix. You can get your music on the go, and seeing a video is always better than just listening to the song. You'll need a phone with Internet and SMS (short message service) capabilities.

Find Cell Phone Music Video Downloads

So, you know you want to download some videos to watch while you're waiting for the bus, chilling between classes, or stuck in horrific traffic during rush hour. Where do you get them?

  • MTV is a good place to start. You can get your favorite cell phone music video downloads as well as watch your favorite shows. There's more to it than simply going to the MTV website, though; you'll have to talk to your cell phone provider to find out more about how to download the videos.
  • You can watch videos on Music.MSN.com as long as you have an internet connection.

How to Download

Well, you know where to get them now, but how do you get those cell phone music video downloads onto your phone? If you can't visit the site and download from there, chances are there's a page where you'll input your cell phone number, email information, and in some cases, credit card information. If you aren't asked for your credit card information, your cell phone account will be billed instead.

Pick Your Phone

There are multiple phones out there that allow you to watch your favorite music videos while you're out and about. You'll need the ability to get online and receive SMS texts since that's the format your videos will come through in.

Some of the phones that are great for music videos are the Verizon V CAST-compatible phones and the Apple iPhone available from AT&T. Obviously, the bigger the screen, the more enjoyable the music videos will be. Some phones are designed with this mind. Others will allow you to watch videos, but they weren't designed with music video capabilities as a primary feature. Here is more information about the phones you may want to consider if watching downloaded music videos on your cell phone is important to you:

Verizon V CAST: The phones that work with V CAST allow you not only to download and watch music videos, but they also let you easily transfer all the music on your computer over to your phone (or just pick and choose the songs you want). The way you do it is via their Music Manager software.

Some of the phones that work best with V CAST are: LG enV, LG Chocolate, Samsung SCH-u550, Motorola MOTOKRZR, and the Motorola RAZR. Most of Verizon's phones are compatible with V CAST.

Apple iPhone: Some will say that this latest is also the greatest. It's an iPod, a phone, and more. With a large screen, you'll definitely be able to enjoy the videos you download. This phone also allows you to get on the Internet via Safari, and if you need to check your email, you can do that too (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Windows Live).

The Price of a Video

The price factor for cell phone music video downloads is a hard question to answer because it will depend on the cell phone provider's specific Internet plan. Programs like Thumplay are available in addition to that. They'll charge you via your cell phone bill, but you can get deals such as twenty downloads for $9.99, plus bonus ringtones.

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Cell Phone Music Video Downloads