Cell Phone Insurance Reviews

Cell Phone Insurance Reviews

Cell phone insurance reviews can help you answer the question of whether you really need to pay for insurance every month or if the manufacturer's warranty will suffice. It's important to understand what exactly insurance will cover, what you'll need to pay out of pocket once you go in to replace your phone, and how likely the company is to offer prompt service when the insurance claim is made.

About Cell Phone Insurance

Cell phone insurance works like any other kind of insurance. You pay a fee per month. In most cases, it is roughly $5.00 per month. If you need to take advantage of your insurance plan, you will have to pay a deductible, often around $50.00 though that depends on the phone and the insurance provider. If your phone is new and you are not eligible for an upgrade or a new contract, you will probably save enough money to make cell phone insurance worth having. Buying a phone at its retail price is quite often more than a few months of insurance plus the deductible.

Insurance typically covers your phone if it is lost, damaged, or stolen. You will most likely have a limit on the number of claims you can make within 12 months. For example, AT&T allows up to two claims per year.

Cell Phone Insurance Reviews: Pros and Cons

Some will complain that there is a deductible. Others will complain that they are throwing away about $5.00 per month. Still others may complain that they have to talk to several people in order to make the claim and get their hands on a new, functional cell phone. Sometimes, hold times are involved. Another con that some users find is that some insurance plans require you to send back your old phone to avoid additional charges. That is inconvenient and costs a few dollars.

Users sometimes feel that between the "just in case" payments every month, the deductible, and the inconvenience of mailing the phone back, insurance is not worth the hassle and they would prefer to take the chance of having to purchase a new phone at retail price should something go wrong with their current cell phone. One more potential con is the possibility that you may not be able to get the same brand, model, or color that you had before.

That being said, who doesn't like the idea of a new phone for about $50.00 (remember to check with your cell phone insurance company about the deductible because prices vary) when something unexpected happens, like washing and drying your phone in your jeans pocket? Many consumers will explain that they are happy to pay the $5.00 per month in order to rest assured that they won't have to purchase a cell phone at its retail price. If you're tired of your phone and aren't particularly attached to the color, an insurance claim resulting in a different model or color of phone than the one you had previously could be a plus.

Find Out What Others Think

If you want to look for specific cell phone insurance reviews, there are a few sites where you can read what others think. Try Cell Phone Forums. If you don't find what you're looking for on the main page, you might be able to find it in an older thread, so try searching "insurance" if you don't see information on the insurance you're seeking. You will be able to read in-depth information about others' experiences with specific phones and insurance companies.

At Review Centre, you can take a quick glance at the consensus regarding a particular company's cell phone insurance. There is a 5-star rating system. For further information, you can click on an individual insurance plan to read the customer reviews. You can also add your own.

Final Thoughts

There are always pros and cons to insurance plans, and cell phone insurance is no exception. Read through cell phone insurance reviews posted by other consumers to determine if paying a monthly insurance fee is for you. Be sure to check the prices on monthly fees and deductibles-as well as what the insurance actually covers-with your particular provider before committing to an insurance plan.

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Cell Phone Insurance Reviews