Cell Phone Antenna Upgrades

Cell Phone Antenna Upgrades

Why would you even consider getting a cell phone antenna upgrade? There are many reasons to consider buying this cell phone accessory, instead of (or in addition) to all those other toys you want to pick up to either dress up your mobile phone or to add some extra functionality to it. Cell Phone Cases are greater for protection, headsets keep your hands free, but you'd be surprised just how versatile a cell phone antenna upgrade can be!

Cell Phone Antenna Upgrades

Where can you find a cell phone antenna upgrade? The most obvious choice would be the plentiful cell phone accessory kiosks that you'll find at the local mall, but you can oftentimes find lots of other goodies on eBay, Amazon, and a series of other online retailers.

while the antenna that came with your mobile phone is clearly adequate, if you really want to get the most out of your handset, an upgrade may be in the cards. This new addition can serve one of two purposes: cosmetics or functionality. Both of these are explored below.

Fashion over Function

While this is not exactly possible with cell phones that have internal antennas (like the Motorola RAZR and the LG Chocolate Phone), a fun upgrade that you can do to a "regular" cell phone with a conventional stubby antenna is to replace it with one that has bright, flashing lights.

They're available in a variety of colors, including some that even go through all shades of the rainbow! These aftermarket cell phone antennas are particularly popular among younger users and teenagers as it provides yet another outlet for them to openly express their personality and let their individual characters come shining through. There is a price to be paid, however, in addition to the $10 or so you'll have to spending for the blinking LED unit itself. Typically, these antennas do not offer the same level of performance as conventional ones because they do not have the same kind of technology within, dedicating more of the "real estate", if you will, to the light and the electronics associated with controlling it (to blink when the phone rings, or in time with the conversation) rather to actually enhancing your cell phone reception.

To improve your signal, you must look to...

Improving Cell Phone Signal with Upgraded Antennas

... a whole different kind of cell phone antenna upgrade. On the one hand, you have the cheap sticker-style Cell Phone Signal Boosters that are found all over eBay. This are very inexpensive and may or may not actually provide any sort of substantial change in performance. On the other hand, you have much bulkier solutions like the Arc Wireless Freedom Cell Phone Signal Booster (pictured at the top of this page). An antenna like this is quite a bit bigger than a cell phone, measuring about the same as your average paperback novel. These types of wireless extenders are usually not for everyday use insofar as you probably wouldn't want to carry it around with you as you take a walk on the beach. Instead, they are great for use in homes, offices, and in the car where you won't move around quite so much.

For an even more substantial solution, there are items like this wireless extender. I have not tested it myself, but I'd imagine that the antenna found on this device is substantially more powerful than the little stub found on your cell phone. I would not at all be surprised if your signal was boosted by an extra bar or three, resulting in fewer dropped calls and improved voice quality. Of course, at over $300, it is far from being the least expensive option.

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Cell Phone Antenna Upgrades