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Article Highlight: Interesting Stats on How Many People Have Cell Phones

Mobile phone use has exploded in the last decade. That's not only the case in the U.S., but worldwide as well. See what these stats reveal about who has cell phones. Keep reading »

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Innovation and Technology

Cell phone companies are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation and technology. From improving the picture-taking abilities of camera phones to increasing the speeds offered through the cellular networks, these mobile phones truly are on the bleeding edge of technology. What might be popular today, may not be tomorrow.

Innovation and Technology at its Best

The arrival of the Apple iPhone 3G in 2008, for example, also introduced the world to a world of possibilities through the App Store. Smartphones had existing up until then, but the available applications were not collected into a single, unified source. They oftentimes weren't available as direct downloads to the phones either. The App Store changed that.

At LoveToKnow Cell Phone Innovation and Technology, you will see just how far cell phones have come since they first made their public debut. Read about:

Cell Phone Technology Is Always Changing

It won't be long before some of the more powerful MP3 cell phones replace their standalone MP3 player counterparts, just as the same is starting to happen with camera phones and mobile web browsing devices. It's amazing how far the cell phone industry has evolved in such a short span of time.Keep checking back for new and updated articles on the innovation and technology of cellular phones. It's always so interesting to see new trends and features are available and what gets quickly outdated.

Innovation and Technology