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Article Highlight: Interesting Stats on How Many People Have Cell Phones

Mobile phone use has exploded in the last decade. That's not only the case in the U.S., but worldwide as well. See what these stats reveal about who has cell phones. Keep reading »

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Innovation and Technology

Cell phone companies are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation and technology. From improving the picture-taking abilities of camera phones to increasing the speeds offered through the cellular networks, these mobile phones truly are on the bleeding edge of technology. What might be popular today, may not be tomorrow. Learn all you can about the innovations and technology found in cell phones.

A History of Cell Phones

The history of cell phones is long and vast. The mobile timeline includes the ever popular satellite phone to flip and slider phones to the current smart phones. The changes that cell phones have made is truly a technological revolution. Learn about music revolution from iPods to iPhones and even smart phones in schools. Explore the revolution of the camera phone to the current 10-megapixel work horse smart phones that we have now. A cell phone isn't just for talking anymore.

Cell Phone Features

It's not only the phones themselves that have changed over the years. It's what they offer. For example, most iPhones now feature Siri with all her benefits. They are also Bluetooth capable to connect wirelessly to just about anything on your network. You can track your cell phone through GPS or just download an exorbitant amount of apps to play when you're bored. And mobile TV isn't a thing of the future, it's a thing of the past.

How to Use the Features

Having the feature is great! But do you know how to use them. Understanding the newest and greatest features on your cell phone can be harder than an exam. Learn how Bluetooth works or even how your mobile phone works. You can even explore how to use features like AT&T Webmail. Why have the features if you can't even understand them? Seriously, facial recognition on a phone. Mind blown.

Facts About Cell Phone

Only the facts ma'm. Facts are fun, and the cell phone revolution is full of them. Explore how big of a cancer risk cellphones might be along with how many people have cell phones. You can also get texting statistics. This might be really helpful if you're looking for a new plan for your teen. You can even get some facts on ways that cell phones have improved businesses. Cell phones are truly amazing things.

Updating World of Cell Phone Tech

Cell phone technology and innovations are ever advancing. What might be new and cool today is old news tomorrow. You might learn a cell phone hack that you can't even use in a month. Keep up with this ever-revolving world by staying up to date.

Innovation and Technology