Cell Phones Slideshows

Cell Phones Slideshows

The old adage says that a picture is worth a thousand words, so these cell phones slideshows must be worth several thousand words since they contain several different pictures of our favorite mobile devices.

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

In the grand scheme of things, cellular phones are still a relatively new technology. That said, their evolution and progression has been very impressive, quickly transforming from the original "brick" style phones from Motorola to the classiest iPhone on the block. No one would confuse a car phone from the 1980s with the hottest new BlackBerry today.

In going through some of these cell phones slideshows, you'll have the opportunity to revisit the past and truly witness how far the industry has gone since its early days with monochromatic displays and simple voice calls. These days, even the most budget-oriented handset is equipped with a color screen, a digital camera, and even a few cell phone games to keep users entertained while waiting at the local bus stop.

The slideshows contained herein can also provide a glimpse into how the aesthetic design of mobile phones has changed over the years. The original phones were only in a brick-like configuration, but the arrival of the flip phone truly changed the way that the public approached cell phones. From there, the industry was once again shaken up with slider phones, touchscreen phones, and more.

The Future of Cell Phones

What will the future of cell phones bring? Can these cell phones slideshows offer a glimpse into what may be possible in the years to come? Will smartphones truly replace laptops for all our mobile computing needs? Time will tell.

Cell Phones Slideshows