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Of the estimated 237 million Americans who use a cell phone, nearly 50 million used a prepaid card. There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in getting a prepaid cell phone, and the process of… Keep reading »

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Cell Phone Plans

Decipering cell phone plans can feel an exercise in cryptology, but that doesn't mean that they are impossible to understand! Our Cell Phone Plans category here at LoveToKnow Cell Phones will help walk you through the process of choosing the best calling plan to suit your particular needs. From T-Mobile to Telus Mobility, they're all here.

About the Different Types of Calling Plans

In general there are two paths you can choose when getting service for your cell phone: Pre-paid calling or a pay as you go monthly service.

The former gives the advantage of limiting the amount of money you spend, ensuring that you don't get hit with any surprise charges at the end of the month. Prepaid plans also free you from the limitations of signing a contract with a particular carrier.

The latter can offer tons of extra features, bonuses and special offers. In fact, many free cell phones can only be had if your sign a new contract and go with their monthly plans.

Which Cell Phone Plan Is Right for You?

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to either style of cell phone plan, so it's up to you to decide which better suits your needs and situation. Be sure to shop around with all the available cellular providers in your area and consider special offers such as family plans and nationwide calling. Make sure you also check frequently with your cell phone company for new and updated plans, as they seem to frequently change.

Cell Phone Plans