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Cell Phone Plans

In the digital age, a cell phone is a must-have. However, deciphering cell phone plans can feel an exercise in cryptology! But it's not impossible. Whether you're looking to find the cheapest cell phone plan for your text happy son, find what you are looking for by checking out carriers and exploring the different plans available.

Checking Out Monthly Plans

If you're a cellular addict, then a monthly plan might be where it's at for you. Cellular giants like AT&T mobile or Sprint-Nextel can offer great coverage and exceptional plans that feature unlimited calling and texting without an unlimited wallet. This can mean that your text savvy teen can be available 24-7 for friends or that your business cell phone is at attention. Entrepreneurs that travel can also find great deals for abroad calling like Verizon's Travelpass. Learn what these cell plans can offer you to make sure it is the right choice.

Explore No Contract

Don't want to be strapped to a monthly plan? There is an app for that. Not really, but there is a cell plan. Many plan providers, like Boost Mobile, offer a no contract option. Pay as you go plans can be great for teens and adults alike that don't want to be strapped to a 1- or 2-year contract. However, many times if you go for a few months without paying, you'll have to re-sign up.

Dive Into Pre-Paid

Pre-paid options are also available for peeps that aren't into the no contract. This can work great for someone that doesn't use a cell phone much or just needs minutes for a big trip. Most pre-paid options just require you to buy a card to get more minutes. Doesn't get much simpler than that.

Finding Plan Options

Now that your head is spinning with the types of plans, it's time to explore the options. With the exception of pre-paid, most monthly and no contract plans have options. Find out how family plans can save you money by having you share minutes or just lowering your costs. Dive into the technical aspects of unlimited texting plans for your swipe text mastering teen. And you can't forget about unlimited data. Most cells are more powerful than your computer, why limit it?

Looking at Canadian Plans

Plan expertise doesn't stop in the U.S. Need some help with Canadian calls? Explore some Canadian phone providers, like Rogers Wireless, and what they have to offer. You can even find out the best service for talking across the border or pre-paid Canadian options.

Which Cell Phone Plan Is Right for You?

There are certainly advantages and disadvantages to either style of cell phone plan, so it's up to you to decide which better suits your needs and situation. Be sure to shop around with all the available cellular providers in your area and consider special offers such as family plans and nationwide calling. Make sure you also check with your cell phone company for new and updated plans, as they change frequently.

Cell Phone Plans