Cell Phone Guides and How-Tos

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Cell Phone Guides and How-Tos

Before you pull out your hair in frustration, take a moment to read informative cell phone guides and how-tos so you have a handle on your new device. Mobile phones can do so much more than handle basic voice calls these days. In fact, you can learn how to not only set up but even reset your cell phone.

Guide to Using Your Cell Phone

A cell phone isn't just a cell phone anymore. It's a one stop shop for all your browsing, texting, web surfing, and calling needs. As a result, setting up and using your new Apple iPhone can take just as much time as trying to figure out all the new features and functions found inside a new Windows 10 laptop! Thankfully, most cell phone manufacturers have worked to provide user interfaces that are easy to understand.

Set Up Your Phone

In the technology age, security is important. Your life is in your phone. Not only your contacts but your passwords, emails, apps, etc. Find out how to create a great security passcode along with figuring out your Facebook app and setting up your email. And if you're ever get in trouble, it's important to know how to do a factory reset. Just in case you love your phone, find your phone can be your bestie.

Understand Texting Language

Who really calls anymore when you can text? Not only are there a variety of different emojis, but texting abbreviations have become a whole new language. It can be easy to get lost in the texting shorthand of LOLs and OMGs. And if you ever need to block a text message, it is only a few clicks away.

Find the Right Ringtone

Ringtones used to be all the rage for your trendy TracFone or nifty Nokia; however, smartphones aren't just about fun ringtones but wallpaper too. Learn where to find the different wallpapers and ringtones for downloading to your phone through Google Play Store or even online. Having a great ringtone for your family friends and even just in general can make sure you always know who is calling. It can also be fun to add unique sounds for your mom or brother to hear that will definitely annoy them. Many places will also let you download songs, too.

When a Manual Isn't Enough

Whether you're trying to understand how to upload new ringtones, download pics from your camera to your computer or understand the latest in cell phone privacy laws, resources can help guide you in the right direction. Sometimes, the provided user manual just isn't enough. Many times, it's quicker just to input your question about your cell phone into a search engine than to read an entire manual.

Cell Phone Guides and How-Tos