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There are a wide array of cell phone brands out there, each of which bring something unique to the table. While some corporate users rely on their BlackBerry devices, others may prefer the widgetized homescreens of Android smartphones from Samsung, HTC, and Motorola or the popular iPhone. What you will find here is a trusted resource for independent information on all these brands and more.

Hardware and Software

When it comes to choosing a cell phone, there are two main areas of consideration: hardware and software.

Hardware Considerations

First, there is the hardware. This would be looking at the exact features and specifications of the handset, like the megapixel count on the camera, the resolution of the display, and the speed of the processor. Having better and more powerful features can certainly be tempting. Many Samsung smartphones have beautiful AMOLED displays, for example, which offer deep blacks and rich colors.

Software Considerations

When it comes to brands of cell phones, the software is very important too. This can help you choose between an HTC Droid Incredible or an Apple iPhone, for example, as the user experience is distinctly different. Even among Android smartphones, the software can be quite different. This includes the different versions of Android, as well as the user interface "skins" that manufacturers use. Motorola has MOTOBLUR, whereas Samsung has TouchWiz, for instance.

Brands and Carriers

Aside from differences in coverage, reception, and pricing plans, different cell phone providers also have different phone models in their lineups. While some models can be offered by multiple carriers, others may be exclusive to one provider or another, such as T-Mobile or Verizon. It is also important to note that carriers may use different wireless technology, so the phones may not be cross-compatible across networks.

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The articles provided here will give an overview of the cell phone models available through different manufacturers and carriers. Visit the site frequently, as the editorial team is always updating the information provided based on new models and technology. Use the Advice feature to request more specific assistance with your buying decisions.

Cell Phone Brands