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From headsets to chargers, ringtones to custom themes, there's a wide variety of accessories available for cell phones. Whether you're searching for products to improve comfort or convenience (or just for fun), you'll find a great deal of helpful information in this category. When you want to learn about the best tools to enhance your phone, you can find what you're looking for here.


Advances in cell phone technology have made these devices much more than just a convenient communication solution. Modern phones are multi-tasking devices that serve many practical purposes and have a powerful impact on productivity. There are a number of extras that can help you get the most from your device:

  • Hands-free: Bluetooth technology put hands-free calling in easy reach. Find out about the best Bluetooth speakerphones, headsets and vehicle retrofit kits.
  • Battery power: Learn about the best batteries and chargers so you can keep your phone charged and working as long as possible.
  • Organization: With so many options available, installing apps can get out of hand quickly. Use an apps organizer to keep your system in order.
  • Games: Everyone needs a break now and then. Playing the occasional cell phone game can actually help boost your long-term productivity.


Since you probably keep your phone with you most of the time, chances are good that you'll want to personalize it a bit. Giving your phone a unique look or sound is a great way to put your personal touch to what is probably the most frequently-used electronic device that you own.

  • Skins: Make it easy to distinguish your phone from similar-looking devices with an interesting skin.
  • Cases: Go a step beyond decoration to outfit your case with a practical protective case in a design that you love.
  • Ringtones: Ensue that you'll have no problem identifying the ring of your phone by installing your own ringtones.
  • Backgrounds: Install a meaningful background image or theme and catch a glimpse of a favorite person, place or event every time you look at your phone.

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