Casio Rock

Casio Rock

The Casio Rock is also called the Casio G'zOne Rock and is compatible with the Verizon network. Released in December of 2009, you will find this phone on the high-end of the pricing scheme with a two-year contract as of this writing. It is considered to be the next incarnate of the Casio Boulder, built very similarly to the Casio Rock.

What is the Casio Rock?

The Casio Rock is a clamshell-style phone that is geared towards the outdoorsman. The phone is built for rugged use outdoors, but can also be used by the average cell phone user, even though the latter may find the bulky phone cumbersome. If you are familiar with Casio's G-force Watches, then you know what to expect from a phone named after the same style of construction.

Phone Description

Since the phone is clamshell, it opens up so the screen is on top and the keypad is below, separated in the middle by a hinge. Your standard keyboard of numbers, send, clr and end are underneath a round navigation button, which is surrounded by a four-way pad. To the right is the Camera button and a left navigation button. On the right is the Speakerphone and right navigation button. All in all, nothing different.

When closed, the front face looks like an old Casio digital watch. In the center is the digital readout and above what are two speakers, in case you activate the speakerphone and want to close the unit.

What Makes the Phone Tough?

The main attraction to the phone is not the calling features or the multimedia capabilities; it's the way this phone can handle extreme conditions. The Casio Rock contains shock absorbing rubber on the outside as well as on the inside. Since it is constructed with military specifications, the phone is excellent at resisting dust and humidity. It is also extremely competent at handling drops and is resistant to low and high altitudes, vibration and even solar radiation. The phone is perfect for fishermen, hunters and hikers because of the unique toughness and the built-in features that can help them.


For the basic features, you get the standard abilities of making a phone call, texting and basic web browsing. The phone is charged via a mini-USB and if you have the applicable service, you can participate in the Push-to-Talk function with the button on the left side of the phone.

Other features that are geared towards outdoor types is a built-in electronic compass and a tide calculator. A pedometer is available if you want to keep track of your hiking miles or if you want to use the pedometer while jogging.

The camera is 2.0 megapixels that does include a flash. The phone supports the major formats of music: MP3, AAC and WMA. For extra storage, like for music or photos, you can use a microSD card. Also, you can communicate via Bluetooth with a computer or other Bluetooth enabled device.

Where to Purchase this Phone

You can buy this phone directly from Verizon either online or at any of their various stores. Keep in mind that signing up with a one- or two-year contract will significantly lower the price of the phone, rather than buying it outright, though you are allowed to. Check your upgrade status to see if you are eligible for an upgrade, which will also lower the cost of the phone.

Otherwise, many third-party wireless stores should carry the Casio Rock and if not, most are able to specially order the phone if you can wait a week or two. The Corporate representatives typically can get phones that normally aren't carried in the stores. Go to Best Buy or Walmart to see if they can get the phone, especially if there doesn't happen to be a convenient Verizon Wireless store near you.

Casio Rock