Can VPN Be Loaded on a BlackBerry

Can VPN Be Loaded on a BlackBerry

Can VPN be loaded on a BlackBerry? The short answer is yes, but only on certain models. Do you need to use a VPN in order to perform the task at hand? Maybe not.

About VPN

Virtual private networks, or VPNs, allow a user to connect to a remote server as if they were on the premises. For example, working in an office, you may be accessing a specific server. When you need to work from home and access that same information, you may connect via a VPN. They don't use the same content encryption features or authentication as other programs.

Uses of VPN on a BlackBerry

Just as you could use VPN on a laptop to connect back to the server at the office while working from home, you could feasibly use VPN on a BlackBerry. VPN usage on BlackBerry devices seems uncommon because of the other options available, such as making the BlackBerry part of the network so it's already connected all the time. If your BlackBerry is on one network and the server to which you need to connect is on another, the VPN option may come in handy. Attempting to use VPN on a BlackBerry has met many users with a dead end. There is not much support for VPN on BlackBerry phones and other methods are usually recommended.

Alternative Programs

Are you just hoping to sync up your BlackBerry email, contacts, address book, and calendar? If so, you can use something called the BlackBerry Enterprise Server-not VPN. There is also a program called Terminal Service Remote BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server

BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or BES, is a middleware solution from Research in Motion and is part of BlackBerry's wireless platform. It allows you to synchronize your personal information manager between your laptop (or desktop) and your phone so you always have the contact and scheduling information you need, even if you're on the go and your computer is elsewhere. In addition, it allows you to redirect emails via enterprise networks using messaging or collaboration software like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, and Novell GroupWise. This way, you don't have to ask, "Can VPN by loaded on a BlackBerry?" Using BES is much more straightforward and easy to understand.

Terminal Service Remote Desktop for BlackBerry

This software allows you to work without being at work. You can only access Windows-based computers, however; you'll access them through Terminal Service or Windows Remote Desktop. You'll be able to complete administrative tasks and work with business applications without having to get your laptop out for everything. There is a free seven-day trial of this software at RDM Plus. Once the trial period is up, you can purchase the program for $39.95.

So Can VPN Be Loaded on a BlackBerry?

Yes, it can, though you may not need to ask "Can VPN be loaded on a BlackBerry?" Instead, you'll need to ask yourself if there is another program that will be more efficient for the task you need to complete. Also, whether you can use a VPN on BlackBerry devices depends on the one you have. Not all models are capable of using a VPN and make the BES an endpoint in the company network instead. Because the device is already "in" the network in those cases, there's no need to connect via VPN.

Final Thoughts

While some users have had success with VPN on BlackBerrys, other programs have proven more readily accessible and easier to use. You can sync up your emails, contacts, calendars with ease. You can also complete minor work tasks while nowhere near your office or a computer. With some of the alternatives, you probably won't even miss VPN.

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Can VPN Be Loaded on a BlackBerry