Blackberry Touch

Blackberry Touch

The BlackBerry touch phone, the Storm, is BlackBerry's (and Verizon's) answer to the popular iPhone. The touch screen may take some getting used to, but this device is true power in compact form.

What Is the BlackBerry Touch Phone?

The BlackBerry touch phone, the Storm, is a device that allows you to access multiple types of media and travel almost wherever you'd like, even globally.

What It Offers

The touch screen method of operating the BlackBerry touch phone is obvious, but what else does it offer? Why choose this phone over the iPhone or even any other BlackBerry? Some of the features you get include:

  • High-resolution display with 65,000 colors
  • Long-lasting battery (up to fifteen days standby), plus the ease of switching out your batteries on the go if you just don't have time to charge it up
  • One GB of memory storage in the phone, plus the option to add more via a memory card slot (up to 16 more GB)
  • Quick connection for both calls and Web surfing
  • A 3.2 megapixel camera and video capabilities so you can take pictures quickly and record the things you want to show your friends and family
  • Wide-screen view for watching those videos or online clips
  • Multiple keyboard options for your convenience, meaning you can choose from QWERTY, SureType, or multi-tap methods of getting your texts and emails typed and sent
  • Built-in GPS
  • Media player for movies, slideshows, picture displays, and music playlists
  • Normal BlackBerry features that BlackBerry fans have always loved, such as SMS, MMS, e-mail, Internet access, and organizer
  • Clickable display, so you don't lose the typing feel or sound even though it's a touch screen phone
  • The ability to work on any GSM HSPA 3G network worldwide and Verizon's EV-DO 3G network in the United States

So what is the BlackBerry touch phone? It's your go-to device for practically everything you could possibly need on the go. To find out where to buy it, visit the BlackBerry Where to Buy page and select your country from the list.

What Others Are Saying

Not all of the reviews are raving about the Storm's cutting edge technology, though most of them at least acknowledge its value on the market. Overall, it's a winner and a serious competition for the iPhone. The Storm offers everything you could possibly want in a smartphone.

However, the clickable screen, one of the biggest differences between the iPhone and the Storm, sounds like a good idea, but touch screens typically take less pressure to operate. With the BlackBerry touch phone, you'll have to apply more pressure to "click" despite the touch screen appearance. That could be a problem for some people, but others won't mind. One good thing about the ClickThrough feature is that you can easily scroll and browse without going to a new page before you're ready.

A consistent rave about the BlackBerry touch phone is the screen itself, vibrant and movie-ready. There are 184 pixels per inch, 65,000 colors, and the screen itself is 480x360. While you'll probably prefer to watch videos and view your pictures on the widescreen, you can browse while holding the phone vertically or horizontally.

Speaking of browsing, you get full HTML access. You can download files, visit social networking sites, instant message, and of course check your email. Whether you're using your smartphone for business or pleasure, those are some of the most vital things for your phone to do, aside from the traditional calling and texting (SMS and MMS, which the phone can also do).

BlackBerry by Research in Motion seems to have all the bases covered with the Storm. There's probably no feature that you'll miss when you upgrade from your old phone to this one. This one does it all.

A Final Word

If you're a Verizon customer with no interest in switching cell phone service providers, you're lusting for the iPhone, and you're due for an upgrade, the BlackBerry Storm may just be your answer. If you prefer to click and confirm your navigational choices rather than mildly tapping the screen to hop from one page to the next, you may even have a very strong preference for the BlackBerry Storm. It's soundly designed with just about everything a smartphone user could dream of.

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Blackberry Touch