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Get the most out of your smartphone by downloading a variety of BlackBerry Tour applications. Many of these applications are available free of charge and may be ad-supported by the developers. Others come at a price, so be sure to shop accordingly.

How to Download Apps to BlackBerry

When you look at a device like the Apple iPhone, you will see that it has direct access to the App Store. In this way, users can simply tap the appropriate icon on the home screen and be taken to the online marketplace. From there, users can browse the library and select the desired apps. The software is then automatically installed on the device and is made available for use in mere moments.

The experience of getting BlackBerry Tour applications is much the same. While there are some third-party applications that are not officially authorized and need to be downloaded from alternative sources, the vast majority of BlackBerry apps can be found through the official BlackBerry App World. This is, in itself, an application and it grants access to the growing library of apps for BlackBerry devices.

Searching through the available library through your BlackBerry device directly, you can then select apps and have them installed automatically on that particular device. Repeat as needed for other apps and other devices. If you know how to get apps on your BlackBerry Curve, then you'll know how to get apps on the Tour too.

Sample BlackBerry Tour Applications

Just about anything you want to do on a smartphone, you can do with a BlackBerry Tour equipped with the appropriate application. The BlackBerry App World catalog is growing by the day, so be sure to check back often to see what's new and hot. Here is just a small sample of what you can find:

  • Dragon for E-Mail: Don't have time to sit down and compose that crucial e-mail message? Don't worry. This email dictation application lets you speak naturally and have the text automatically compose on your screen. This free app is said to be five times faster than if you were to type on the keyboard itself.
  • Slacker Radio: This free BlackBerry download lets you listen to all of your favorite personalized Slacker radio stations directly on your chosen smartphone device. Get unlimited free music and over 100 expert-programmed genre stations.
  • Twitter: Whether you get the BlackBerry Tour through Verizon Wireless or whatever other carrier, you'll want to stay connected with all of your online contacts through Twitter. The official client even works with BlackBerry Browser and BlackBerry camera, posting images and more directly to the social network.
  • Foursquare: Sticking with the social media realm, this location-based game can be highly addictive for those who participate. Will you be the mayor of your favorite coffee shop or clothing store?
  • Shazam Encore: Not all BlackBerry Tour applications are free, as evidenced by this $4.99 download. Even so, this could be one of the best values, because you can identify a song just by letting your phone "listen" to it. After it identifies the track, you can even buy the tagged song from within the app itself.
  • Metal Aluminium Theme: Even though App World may be best known for its apps and mobile games, it is also a great source of customization items like this premium theme. Themes can include new fonts, colors, profile icons, and more.
  • WeatherEye: Rain jacket or flip flops? No need to second guess your decision when you have the most up to date weather reports available. Get current conditions, hourly forecasts, radar maps, and warning updates, among other features.
  • ShareBuilder Mobile: Developed by ING Direct, this investment tracking application for BlackBerry devices is free to download and offers "financial control in your pocket." Trade and transfer stocks, view your account status, and nab real-time stock quotes and interactive charts.

There are always more applications for your BlackBerry Tour to enjoy. Whether you need great mobile games or important finance-tracking software, there's probably an app for that.

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BlackBerry Tour Applications