BlackBerry Storm Applications

BlackBerry Storm Applications

Now that the handset has arrived, you may have started your search for some of the best BlackBerry Storm applications that are available. The brilliant smartphone comes preloaded with a lot of software, but you can also seek out both paid and free applications that can be added to its suite.

Introducing a Touchscreen BlackBerry

In case you are not already familiar, the BlackBerry Storm is the first touchscreen BlackBerry from Research in Motion. Up until now, all BlackBerry devices have featured a keyboard of some kind and the display was not a touchscreen. The Storm changed that by introducing a revolutionary "clicking" touchscreen that provided an interesting tactile feedback mechanism.

Because of the different configuration and settings, the BlackBerry Storm may feel somewhat foreign to people who have already grown accustomed to more conventional BlackBerry devices. That said, the clicking touchscreen can also open up all sorts of interesting possibilities and these will surely be reflected in some of the BlackBerry Storm applications that will be made available in the months to come.

Popular BlackBerry Storm Applications

Just as there are many free BlackBerry Pearl downloads, a quick search will also reveal a growing assortment of BlackBerry Storm applications that are available through a number of trusted sources. As with all downloads from the Internet, you should exercise caution when selecting your sources as some websites may host viruses, malware, spyware, and other undesirable thing.

What are some of the more popular BlackBerry Storm applications?

Productivity Apps

First and foremost, the Storm is still a BlackBerry, so productivity is easily close to the forefront. The BlackBerry Storm is already well-equipped to handle email and Internet browsing, but more applications can still be appealing.

For example, many say that Opera Mini is superior to the default BlackBerry Browser. Other users may enjoy the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times direct to their Storms.

For the financially inclined, E*Trade Mobile Pro is a great way to stay on top of the stock market, whereas obopay is becoming one of the more popular ways to safely, quickly, and easily transfer monety right through your BlackBerry smartphone.

Social Networking

Depending on your carrier, the preinstalled and provided software for the Storm may already include some social networking integration. For example, you may be able to load Storm applications for Facebook and Flickr right from your BlackBerry Desktop software. That's not quite enough for social networking enthusiasts, right?

One of the most popular applications for the BlackBerry Storm is OpenBeak, a client that works with Twitter. Twitter is a microblogging platform that lets you stay in touch with your friends and to update them on your current status.

Fun and Games

It can't all be about business, right? With the introduction of the touchscreen and other innovations, Research in Motion is positioning the BlackBerry Storm as a device that is also suitable for the non-corporate user. You'll find a lot of BlackBerry games to enjoy on the Storm, for instance, like PBA Bowling and Pac-Man. Whether you like nostalgic arcade classics or something a little more contemporary, the Storm is a gaming wonder in its own right.

Getting beyond games, other BlackBerry Storm applications that dish out the fun factor include Slacker Radio for BlackBerry and ComedyTime for BlackBerry.

Getting the Most out of Your Berry

As you continue your quest to find applications for the BlackBerry Storm, be sure to consider both free and paid applications. Not all paid applications are necessarily superior to their free counterparts, but some free apps may leave a lot to be desired. Read the reviews and keep an open mind.

There are a handful of applications that have been specifically designed for the Storm and this number will increase with time. In general, though, you will find that most BlackBerry applications will work on the Storm even if it they were not designed for the Storm from the get-go. More specifically, apps for the Bold seem to be the most compatible, given the similar operating system update.

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BlackBerry Storm Applications