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BlackBerry Cell Phone Troubles

BlackBerry Cell Phone Troubles

BlackBerry cell phone troubles are often easily solved thanks to the sheer number of BlackBerry fans and users who can help you solve your problem. Many technical solutions come via a messageboard dedicated to these smartphones.

About BlackBerry Cell Phone Troubles

Some BlackBerry troubles are in the past, such as the patent dispute Research in Motion (RIM) faced in 2005. Others boil down to isolated problems with specific phones or widespread outages that affect one or more carriers. In some cases, the problems aren't that a phone can't do something or there is a bug, but that there's no obvious user-friendly path to the desired result, such as clearing old data.

Potential Trouble for RIM

There was a time in 2005 when BlackBerry users thought they might have to go without their beloved smartphones. There was a patent dispute between RIM, a large Canadian company in charge of BlackBerry's software, and a smaller company, NTP, Inc. of Virginia. The outcomes of the case were: win, settle (paying out hundreds of millions of dollars), or shut down the BlackBerry network.

The network's still up, so what happened? RIM didn't win, but they did settle-to the tune of 612.5 million dollars. While that sounds like a lot, according to a CNN Money article, it's really a normal sized settlement because it takes into consideration sales through 2012 when the patent ends rather than sales at the time of the settlement.

BlackBerry Outages

If you've been a BlackBerry user for a while, you probably have firsthand experience with at least one outage. Some of them are planned and announced well in advance while others are not. Needless to say, they're inconvenient. You can sometimes learn about upcoming outages at

On January 17, 2010, there was a Rogers and RIM outage for BIS and BES users between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM EDT. Not all activities were out of reach. Some customers had problems sending and receiving messages, registering their phones, roaming, and using the Internet on their phones.

December 17, 2009 was an unexpected outage day that affected the email services across North America. Emails still made it through Outlook and other POP services, however. It did affect all carriers. Outages such as this are a hot topic when they happen, and some users even want compensation for their inconvenience, as reported on

In some cases, there are patches and updates to fix the problems, but in others, users feel that the outages are excessive and something needs to be done to correct glitches before they have such widespread consequences.

Clearing Old Data and Email Addresses

You can do a factory reset to clear off all of your old information. Be warned, however, that this will wipe out all of your information, so be sure to write down any upcoming appointments, contacts' phone numbers and email addresses, and anything else of importance so that you can add it again later to the current phone or a new one, if necessary. When you're encountering too many BlackBerry cell phone troubles, it can sometimes be easier to start again from scratch.

To reset everything, go to Settings, then Options, then Security, and finally to General Settings. Then go to the Menu key and select Wipe Handheld. Continue and confirm that you do want to clear all of the data. This comes in handy if you want to sell or recycle the phone, since it can protect your private data. This isn't particularly a BlackBerry cell phone problem, but it's something that could be frustrating to attempt because it's not an obvious fix.

A Final Word

Many of the cell phone troubles that come with BlackBerry are well tolerated as they're known as just part of the territory of owning a BlackBerry, such as the occasional outages. Some problems are not bug-related, but rather a case of an activity not being as intuitive as users would like, such as clearing data. Some of the trouble facing BlackBerry is thankfully in the past. Overall, there aren't too many prevalent BlackBerry cell phone troubles, especially not ones that can't be amended with a patch or software upgrade.


BlackBerry Cell Phone Troubles