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As our mobile handsets gain more and more functionality, getting the best cellular phone battery is becoming an increasingly prominent concern. Every mobile phone that you purchase will come with its own battery, of course, but are there better options out there to optimize the life of your cell phone? What about when you're looking for the simplest and most economical replacement? We here at LoveToKnow are here to help!

What Kind of Cell Phone Battery Do I Need?

Cell phone batteries are not universal. Even within each brand -- Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, and so on -- there can be several different types of batteries, depending on the particular model of phone that you have. And even then, there can be different batteries available for a single model of phone, like the RAZR. How can you find out exactly which battery you should buy?

The simplest and easiest solution would be simply to buy an extra or replacement battery that is identical to the one that comes with your phone. To find out what that is, you will most likely need to remove some sort of cover from the back of the handset first. Make sure you turn off your cell phone before proceeding, not only as a safety precaution, but to also make sure that nothing bad happens to your mobile phone. If the battery falls out unexpectedly, you can sometimes lose some data (just as you would with a computer during a power outage or a "crash", for example).

Each battery is a little different, but you can usually find a model number somewhere on the battery itself. This can be on the front, back or side of the battery. It can be a little confusing, unfortunately, as there are usually several different numbers printed on the unit itself. As such, you may want to make use of your favorite search engine and pair the model number of your phone with each of these numbers. You will usually find a match. You may also want to search for your cell phone model number/name with the term "battery" on eBay.

Stick with OEM to Be Safe

There may be several different battery-makers out there when it comes to buying standard alkaline -- Duracell, Energizer, etc. -- and the same can be said about cell phone batteries. That said, to ensure the highest compatibility and to avoid unnecessary problems, it is perhaps in your best interest to stick with the same brand as your phone. A Motorola battery (whether it is actually manufactured by Motorola or not) with a Motorola phone, and so on. The usual warning -- caveat emptor, or "buyer beware" -- of course applies as there are many less-than-legitimate companies out there that sell counterfeit batteries, just as they sell counterfeit purses, cell phones, and other personal items.

Reasons Why Battery Life May Be Poor

Here are a few common explanations as to why your cell phone battery doesn't last as long as you would like it to be, or why your phone doesn't seem to have the same level of battery life as your best friend:

  • Age: Plain and simple, over time, rechargeable batteries just don't hold as much charge as when they are new.
  • Bluetooth: If you use your phone with a Bluetooth headset, you will an effect on battery life.
  • WiFi: For those of you who happen to have smartphones with WiFi capabilities, you will notice that when you use this feature to go on the internet or check your email, for example, you will see very significant battery loss. In fact, it is not uncommon to have to charge your phone at least daily.
  • Music: Cell phones that double as MP3 players are great, but playing music (and/or video) can be a pretty big draw on the battery.
  • Low mAh rating: Rechargeable batteries, like those found in cellular phones, will come with an mAh rating which indicates how much power it can contain at a time. The higher the rating, the more lasting power it will have per charge. The level needed is dependent on the phone and how it is used.

Where to Find the Best Cellular Phone Batteries

While you can go back to wherever you bought your cell phone -- most likely a service provider's kiosk (Verizon, Telus, etc.) -- they are often not the most economical option when it comes to finding the best battery (or any accessory for that matter). Instead, you can look into specialized stores and in-mall kiosks that sell products for mobile phones. That said, the cheapest (by far) place to look for cell phone batteries is on eBay. Be sure to buy from a reputable seller and you will get a fantastic price. Oftentimes, you can find a reliable, branded, new battery for less than $10.

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