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If you must know about Verizon NationalAccess, it is broadband wireless internet supplied by Verizon and is available nationwide in over a thousand cities. If you have Verizon cell phone service already, the broadband service Verizon offers may be your Internet choice to go completely wireless.

How Fast is Verizon NationalAccess?

Verizon NationalAccess can hit speeds of 60-80 kbps and, like Comcast, can produce bursts speeds. While not even close to Comcast's 16 Mbps, Verizon's 144 kbps burst speed will still allow you to surf the net, check your e-mail, or download medium-sized attachments and files. These speeds are a little slower than DSL, but a little faster than dial-up.

What Do I Need to Use NationalAccess?

First you need a PC card which is compatible with your laptop. The cards come in two styles, PCMCIA and PCI-Express. Most of the newer laptops within the last year require the Express. If you're not sure, check your expansion slot. If it starts fat and then slims, you have an Express slot; otherwise you have the regular PCMCIA. You can also use a NationalAccess data enabled phone -- like the Verizon Voyager -- and mobile office kit. The phone acts as your modem. If you are going that route and plan on using this as a main source of Internet, make sure you go with an unlimited NationalAccess plan.

Alternatively, you can go with a USB card. This is a less reliable connection because the computer has one more peripheral to access. With an expansion card, it is basically hardwired into the computer and will have better access speed.

What Kind of Coverage is There?

Major cities are easily covered. Most rural areas have decent coverage. A good rule of thumb to use is if you have coverage with your cell phone, then you can get some kind of coverage with your Verizon NationalAccess card or enabled phone.

States that aren't covered very well for Verizon NationalAccess:

  • Utah
  • Nevada
  • Montana
  • Oregon

States with the best coverage:

  • Illinois
  • North and South Dakota
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • North and South Carolina

Is NationalAccess Secure?

Verizon uses the same security technology with the broadband service as it does with its cell phone service, CDMA. You may or may not achieve 3G performance. There is constant authentication and internal software protection. You should treat Verizon NationalAccess as you would any other type of Internet service. Use virus protection software and make sure that your firewall is turned on.

Pricing Plans

These prices are as of January 2008. For monthly service, the cost is $59.99. This includes unlimited Internet access. You can find the laptop cards on special with two year activations. Going with another contract usually forces you to pay the $150 the cards usually go for.

If you plan on using your phone, use it smart. Minute are taken off your phone as if you were calling someone, so using the phone as a modem after 9 p.m. and on weekends is free. Peak times are still peak times and non-peak times will still hurt your pocketbook.

About Verizon NationalAccess Data Speed

While Verizon NationalAccess is still faster than dial-up, it's not recommended that you download large files. This slows down the network, creating 'bottlenecks' and slowing down the network even further. If you're a hardcore gamer, this type of Internet will not work very well. Basic gaming, like Pong or Yahoo! Games is fine, but if you're into WarCraft or Ghost Recon, then pay a little extra for Satellite or see what independent services are available in your area.

Who Will Benefit?

Sometimes Verizon's service is a last resort. If you live in a rural county where you can't get high speed or you travel a lot, then Verizon's NationalAccess will work for you just fine. Business owners constantly on the go with their laptops will also benefit from the ease of use and coverage that Verizon offers with the service. Make sure you research which card is best for you and which pricing plan you will get the most out of.

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