Cell Phone Charging Problems

A Cell Phone Charger

Do you think you have a cell phone charging problem? Typically, issues occur from one or two reasons: either from user carelessness or hardware malfunction. Technology is fickle and cell phones, because of the number of functions that are done with modern phones, you should expect some degree of error over time.

Determining Problems

Cell phone charging problems are pretty easy to detect. The quickest way is to watch the phone go into charging mode. Most clamshell phones will superimpose a "Battery Charging" symbol over the main screen. Some phones-including smart phones-indicate charging status with a light. Whichever type of phone you have, you should at least have a symbol appear where your battery level icon sits. If none of the above actions happen, you may have a cell phone charging problem.

Two common problems are faulty cords or broken charging ports. Figuring out why a cord or port won't charge a phone is harder and may require a professional technician to repair. If no indicators appear it's quite possible the charging cord is bad. If you suspect a bad port, try wiggling the portion that connects to the phone. The phone may switch over from charging to not charging repeatedly; this is an indication the port may be bad.

Fixing Cell Phone Charging Problems

The purchase status of your phone will determine the procedure of how it can be repaired.

If you've bought an extended warranty or insurance through the cell phone provider, don't try to fix the cell phone charging problem yourself. Take the phone back to the store or the cell phone store because anything you do to the phone may void any warranty, whether you added one or stuck with the manufacturer's. Besides, if you take the phone back to a provider-run store, it's possible that a technician is on the premises to check out your phone. They may be able to fix whatever problem you have right there.

Of course, if you bought the phone outright or decided to go without an extra warranty, then you can try a couple of things to fix the cell phone charging problem:

  • A quick and easy way to see if the cord is malfunctioning is to try another charging cord. Purchase one from a store and try it out. If the phone charges, great, you've fixed the problem. If not, then return the cord to the store. You may not need to immediately run out and get a new cord. Many newer phones use a mini-USB port that is common on mp3 players and GPS units and other electronic equipment. This type of plug allows you to insert it into your computer to charge your phone. Simply use another mini-USB cord and plug it into your computer to check the charging capabilities.
  • The only thing you can really to do to fix the charging port is to clean it. For dust, use a can of air to shoot a burst of air into the port. Over time dirt and dust can build, not allowing the cord to insert fully into the port. For the metal contacts inside, use rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or anything thin that will fit in the port. Rubbing alcohol evaporates and is good for cleaning electronic equipment.

Despite trying the above methods to determine cell phone charging problems, your phone still may not work. Take advantage of the manufacturer's warranty if it's still in effect. If not, you can still send it off for repairs, you may end up being charged: just decide whether or not it's cheaper to repair the phone or to get a new one.

Final Advice

When considering a new phone, look into buying the extended warranty or service plan offered by the cell phone company or retail store. Remember that most people carry their phone everywhere or leave it in dangerous spots like a desk or coffee table. Sure the warranty may cost you extra in the beginning, but when the time comes to use it, you'll be glad you did.

Cell Phone Charging Problems